Here at Elecro we are often asked to produce special one-off heaters for unique applications, or to produce small batch runs of custom built heaters tailored to the customers’ requirements.

As a company we are always willing to discuss installations that require a custom built heater and suggest solutions. Whether it is a heater with a power output not offered in our standard range, a heater to be used to heat a corrosive liquid, or if you would like us to tailor the controls to your requirements, our technical team will always be pleased to help.

We have experience of producing heaters for a wide spectrum of applications including:

  • Bio-fuel production
  • Desalination systems
  • Hydrotherapy systems (including Canine & Equestrian applications)
  • TV & Film productions
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Floatation tanks
  • Fountain displays
  • Underfloor heating

To discuss your requirements in more detail please call our technical team on +44 (0)1438 749 474 or email an outline of your requirements to